The trees had to come down in the name of progress, a new all-weather pitch for the school. The socks have gone and my yarn bombing career is almost certainly over.

Disappointed.  But moving on to my other blogs, food and veg.


House tree sock success

This is in September, with the others completed, I set to work to put them up after school.  It was a challenge but with my good friend, Mrs Taylor, we got them up.

The fire alarm went off a few days later, a planned drill and the new year 7 students knew where their house was assembling. It was amazing. There is a tree missing  which meant there was a gap in the students. My gap.

Summer break, tree socks down

The tree socks still looked great but I decided to take them down to give the trees a break. Also it will have more impact if I put all six back up together.  I just need to know how soon they will do a fire drill at the start of term and get them back up then.  

I really enjoyed the excitement of putting them up. It was a thrill to have people say how much they liked them.  I just need to note my measurements and make the reappearance as notable by adding more – both in the no. of houses but also amount of tree covered by existing socks.

So glad I pulled it off. G

Tree Socks -Four Done, Two to go

imageimageimageLast week was sports day so I got permission for myself and my beautiful assistant to put some socks up.  We managed three that day, Tudor, Stuart and Windsor.  Today we put up Hanover. They look fabulous. The Year 10 girls delivered many knitted squares which inspired me to get this finished.  It is only one and half weeks to the end of term.


Still making little steps

I have completed the letter tablet for Y and have started on W, photos to follow.  The students, I spoke of, are, as we speak, hopefully knitting 15×15 cm squares for an unknown project. Mrs McH is in charge.  When she thinks they have enough to do one tree then she will arrange a meeting to explain the project. We can do this sample tree, it will probably be T.  Then move on to complete the rest.  It is all still very much “pie in the sky” but …

Looking at the target trees

Well I have been crocheting but I really need to get the exact tree measurements.  I am awaiting a meeting with a group of young students in order to inspire them to take the project on.  This is hopefully going to be in the next two weeks.  Here is a picture of the row of trees, I realise now it is not great.  It does show the view but not the individual trees.  I will endeavour to get some individual ones and also the view which will be first seen.

The Trees

Each of the trees needs to be individually measured and it’s “sock” designed to fit the bumps and branches of its trunk. Each tree will need a letter and a colour that is identifiable from this view.  The narrower the tree the stronger the colour link must be.

We may need to have a go at a trial tree to see what difficulties we might have.  I am still excited about the project despite little activity.

Now to get going, more planning

I have made one patch for one tree with the colour yellow and the letter T, so the project has got a start. I have made plans to get a group of young people, hopefully enthusiastic, to take the project forward. Watch this space.  I haven’t met up with my other knitters yet but I know one person didn’t take the wool I brought in as it was so busy before Christmas so it may only be two knitters.

I started on my next patch for tree Y. The colour is white so I feel it needs more colour so I have introduced orange into with a bit of a white rose theme.  My idea is two white roses either side of the bottom of the Y.image