Moving forward

After spending time worrying how I was going to complete this project I spoke to someone who suggested a fantastic idea.  Get different people to do the tree dressing, they will then take ownership of their tree and work out the design needed for their tree.  So I have four different colours for four different trees(houses) with 3 additional knitters going to start work over the Christmas holidays.  Then in the New Year I will present to another group to get them doing the thinking.

The missing tree may not be too much of a problem as there is a smaller alternative set a bit further back.  I did mean to take a photo of the trees as a group but haven’t done this yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Here is my tree logo so far.  image


Day 7

Last week I asked for permission and received it to start on a large project as my first yarn bombing adventure. Now I am wondering why I am doing this as it may be a bit mad and require a lot of planning. I have 3 additional knitters to help but they are looking to me to set them off on tasks. It is a series of trees in a line, here are my planning issues.

  •  I am unsure how to secure the knitting to the trees.
  •  I want each tree to identify one of six letters. One tree in the series is missing so I must find an alternative thing to attach that letter to.
  • The letters need to be in a specific order and done in a particular colour.
  • I probably need to consider whether they should just be around the base of the trunk so they can be seen when the trees come out in leaf.

My plan for this week is to take photos, take some measurements and start some of the knitting. Also I need to find someone who can tell me the order of the trees and letters. It is top secret as I want to surprise the people who use the site.

Other things to consider are  – does it matter if some are knitted and some are crocheted; the letters might be different sizes; the colours might clash, how high up the trunk will it go, if it was attached to the branches it might prevent it getting pulled off.